Proposal Time

August 9, 2017

He leads me down a dirt path toward rushing waves. The soft ground moves under my feet. His hand holds mine as the echoes of the wind rushing through desert branches create paths in my memory. The concave cliff shows veins where water rushed through their cracks shaping them to the every changing face of the ocean.

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Desert Escape

One weekend we decided to travel to Las Vegas, Nevada for a reggae concert. On the way home we drove through Red Rock National Conservation Area. It forms a large loop that wraps back around to the main highway, but for 30 minutes you drive through beautiful desert land. The mountains cradle the small valley

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Whatever the Day Gives You

July 11, 2017

I decided to paint my favorite fictional character yesterday using watercolors, Sherlock Holmes. As a kid I loved to read detective fiction. On several occasions my grandmother and I house sat for my aunt in Huntington Beach when I was 8 years old. During the evening hours I would select a Nancy Drew novel, plop

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