5 Amazing Illustrators

This week I wanted to highlight some of my favorite illustrators whose youtube channels and blogs have helped me to feel continually inspired and have encouraged me to persist in developing my own unique style. I hope you enjoy their work!

  1. Holly Exley

The first of these illustrators I would like to share is Holly Exley, a UK-based illustrator who focuses on food illustration and animals. I absolutely love her work and color harmony. I recommend you check out her Youtube blog where she discusses everything relating to the illustration industry. She utilizes white space in a truly inspirational way that emphasizes singular subjects. Her illustrations are beautifully composed and any illustrator could learn a lot from her technique. Thank you Holly!

Holly Exley Illustration

2. Fran Meneses

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Fran’s illustration work and travel journal. I ran across her youtube channel shortly after Holly’s. She talks about the challenges of discovering late one’s calling and trying to get into a field after studying a different discipline. Like her, I decided to become an illustrator after I graduated from graphic design. Definitely check out her work and youtube channel.

3. Audra Auclair

The next illustrator I would like to draw attention to is Audra Auclair. Her Youtube channel has been inspirational to me. She is a self-taught Canadian illustrator that paints with mixed media. However, when I ran across her channel I discovered her helpful videos on gouache technique and immediately subscribed. I now love gouache. You can also find her work on Pinterest.

Audra Auclair

4. Happy D

Another painter’s work I have fallen in love with is Happy D artist, who is an oil painter based out of San Francisco. The subject matter of her paintings really resonate with me because of some surrealist type projects I have been working on recently. She is also self taught.


5. Jeannie Phan

Last week I ran across Jeannie Phan’s work on the loaf of bread illustration she created for an editorial design and I fell in love with her style. I love the colors she uses and her composition.


Thanks for reading this! I hope you find their work equally inspiring and come back for more art related articles.