Between Abstract Art and Realism

August 2, 2017

Landscape of Eilean Donan Castle

Color and motion have always been the two most fascinating elements in a painting to me. I love bold colors, and I love how brush strokes display constant motion. The universe, by universal law, is constantly in motion. I love this metaphor in my art. This is another reason why I like to pull back from static realism, which seems to suspend and capture its subjects.

Abstract Landscape Series

When I began the landscape series I wanted to make all of the city scape series abstract. However, I discovered with more organic subjects I would have to rely more on color and a dynamic brush. John Singer Sargent was a great example of an artist who achieved realism through rough brush strokes. I have been exploring this space in between impressionism and realism. How far close to the real should we get before we lose the evocative nature of our subject?

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