Adobe Max 2017 with Dan Mumford

October 19, 2017

In “The Devil’s in the Details” Dan Mumford revealed his working process for creating comic illustrations. An eye opening detailed discussion of each step of his creative process revealed one of his beautiful illustrations for the Dark Knight series. His work is both visually compelling and creatively inspiring.

Please forgive the quality of these photos. The lighting was poor in the conference room and I used my iPhone.

He discusses his process in the following steps but with more detail: 

  1. Begin with initial sketch in Photoshop on white digital paper.
  2. He picks two base colors and then adds tones based on those two colors.
  3. He develops a light source and creates two layers in the transparent layers to show where light source will be added.
  4. He works on perspective and sizing of objects in foreground and then background.
  5. He continues to add layers based on how it will be screen printed (keeping that in mind)
  6. Lastly, he adds textures to areas of light in order to give movement to the piece and then adjusts colors using color balance and levels.

I really enjoyed his panel and felt the material was very informative to artists who want to move from paper to digital. He has a fun and colorful style that is welcoming and fresh. Check out his work at

I did not receive permission to repost this image but I wanted to share the piece we viewed in the panel. This Star Wars piece was shared in the session and all rights go to Dan Mumford for his work. Thank you Dan for sharing your work, your process, and inspiring all of us illustrators who attended Max.

Please visit his site to view his work. This is the exceptional piece we viewed in the panel.