Arc de Triomphe Timelapse Video Blog

November 7, 2016

If you’d like to take a look at this painting on my etsy you can find it here. The original painting is available in my shop.

I decided to create this time-lapse video of my creative process for the Arc de Triomphe, French inspired watercolor painting. My November goals all involve expanding my Youtube channel and offering more of a glimpse into the life of an artist, illustrator, and designer. I have been alternating between oil painting and my watercolors this month.

This weekend I have a three-day course scheduled with Paul Van Ernich, the Holland-based fine artist visiting California for the month to teach traditional oil painting techniques in his cleverly named class “Tools for Poetry.” I have participated in this class before, last year around this time, at San Clemente Art Supply, and loved what I learned. Ernich taught the small class the process of the master’s following the method of creating an underpainting and building upon layers in oils on gesso board. I am excited to pick out subject matter for the class and get my studies ready to paint this weekend, along with the Saturday beer festival and country concert in Dana Point.

I’ll be vloging this weekend.