Proposal Time

August 9, 2017

He leads me down a dirt path toward rushing waves. The soft ground moves under my feet. His hand holds mine as the echoes of the wind rushing through desert branches create paths in my memory. The concave cliff shows veins where water rushed through their cracks shaping them to the every changing face of the ocean.

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Wondercon 2015

April 6, 2015

This year I was given the opportunity to be a professional guest at Wondercon. The event completely sold out and there was an influx in mass of crowds, dressed in hand made costumes and enthusiastic to join their fellow comic fans. Artist alley was filled with fresh talent and new products for sale. There was

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Popular Culture Conference, Albuquerque NM

Southwest PCA/ACA Conference Wrap-Up “That’s the nice thing about collaborating with someone: Your work becomes a conversation.” ~ Noah Baumbach The Southwest PCA/ACA Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico resulted in just that–a collaboration of brilliant academic minds on popular culture criticism. There were some great Eco-Crit panels at this conference! 

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