The Swerve

I started reading The Swerve by Stephen Greenblatt last week and finished it within four days. It gave a fresh new perspective on how academic writers can still maintain a level of creativity in their work without succumbing to the nebulous of constrictions to field of presenting research. The novel uses a narrative that is … [Read more…]

Ireland Adventures

Ireland is a little gem of a country situated just to the West of the UK. The popular image of Ireland is that it has green countryside, friendly people, and a limitless supply of Guinness running 24/7 in every establishment. We’re glad to say that in this case the stereotype is true. Coming into Ireland … [Read more…]

Read The Hunger Artist by Franz Kafka

A Hunger Artist During these last decades the interest in professional fasting has markedly diminished. It used to pay very well to stage such great performances under one’s own management, but today that is quite impossible. We live in a different world now.

The Hunger Artist analysis

The Hunger Artist by Franz Kafka We discussed the hunger artist in class today. All of Kafka’s work has a religious undertone. The hunger artist in the story is very christlike in his refusal to give in to natural physical needs, denying his hunger and connections with the outside world. The art is how the … [Read more…]