Publications and Research

Working for the college of Humanities and Social Sciences has been a very rewarding experience. Over the course of the years here at CSUF, I have worked on three publications: the Humanities and Social Sciences Newsletter, the Anecdote (the English, Comparative Literature, and Linguistics alumni newsletter), and the SLI Newsletter.  

Latest Graphic Design Project

My latest graphic design job has been for an app company and their promotional material, along with the redesign of Unique Parts. The 2013 version of Unique includes a great clean and minimalistic theme. I have customized it and redesigned the theme to be  a commercial site where they can showcase their products. I’m very … [Read more…]

Colorado Exploration

Denver, Colorado looked like a swamp of smog when I flew one week ago. I’d planned the trip over a month in advance, to join my dad and uncle in Denver and explore the place they used to live and spoke of as their fondest memories.