A Visit to Lake Tahoe

There is nothing like a beautiful lake to inspire a reader or writer to their art. Nature cures the soul afflicted by monotony. The picture above is of the hot springs I visited at Travertine. The hot springs was just fifteen minutes down a dirt path off the road in Bodie. Lovely nature walk and … [Read more…]

Colorado Exploration

Denver, Colorado looked like a swamp of smog when I flew one week ago. I’d planned the trip over a month in advance, to join my dad and uncle in Denver and explore the place they used to live and spoke of as their fondest memories.

Ireland Adventures

Ireland is a little gem of a country situated just to the West of the UK. The popular image of Ireland is that it has green countryside, friendly people, and a limitless supply of Guinness running 24/7 in every establishment. We’re glad to say that in this case the stereotype is true. Coming into Ireland … [Read more…]