Abstract Cityscapes & Color Metaphor

November 1, 2016

After watching a youtube video on how to start a successful etsy business I felt inspired to create something that evoked the freedom I wanted in my paints. I can’t even describe the feeling I had when I made this.


I’ve been doing a lot of still life, designed pieces and it just felt really nice to return to my abstract themes. I really wanted to experiment with water and reflection in brush strokes. I liked the idea that the lines would not be harsh and illustrative, but free and blend into the background.

The bright warm colors that reflect off the water represent the hub of activity often appreciated more from afar than when we are walking its streets. I wanted to capture the feeling we have when we admire the beauty of city lights from from away. The Dublin painting below is more intimate. The experience of Ireland involved a lot of walking and I remember crossing the bridge in the painting below – the excitement of being in Temple Bar and experiencing the energy of an Irish city. My love for this city will always inspire me and I am happy I could capture it in the painting below.

The Dublin piece was the next painting I really felt inspired to do in this style. I want to continue with this series and make a painting of Berlin, and a second one with a baseball field. I am hoping that maybe someone will fall in love with this series like I have. I feel like my true style came out in these, a natural free flowing brush stroke that cannot be contained or forced.