Koi Pond Watercolor

June 22, 2017

This koi pond watercolor painting was inspired by a walk through the Newport Beach Fashion Island mall. They have a beautiful koi pond there and often my mom likes to stop and admire the brightly colored fish. I also enjoy observing the light and movement in water. There is an artist who is very talented at painting water. Her name is Lena Denya. You can click here for her youtube channel. 

Lena focuses primarily on oil painting, but I decided to use gouache for this study. Personally watercolor and gouache are my favorite medium. They have a translucent quality that works well with painting light. I created this composition entirely of my own and used subject photos in order to get the idea of how the light would affect the fish in the water. I really enjoyed painting the lily pads. This is my first time painting koi!

If you like this piece the original is available on my etsy store.