Orchid Heart Submission

October 14, 2017

A botanical art show is well around the corner and I needed to design a piece to submit for it. My mom gave me a gift of a beautiful purple orchid for our new apartment the week after we got married. The orchid is a rare, striking purple and blue. I decided to use it as the subject for the painting I created for this show. This is a larger piece than I usually do and it stands at 22×30 inches. I have listed it on etsy and you can view it there as well.

The title for this painting is “Turning a New Leaf.” I shaped the leaves and blooms into a heart and the objective was to explore symbolic realism. Botanical illustration has really grown on me in the recent years and I love exploring this unique subject. I learned a few fascinating facts about orchids from an article on Buzzle.

Love Orchids are considered symbols of love because of the fact that the plants grow easily, and bloom under most conditions. During the Victorian era, it was a custom to gift exotic and rare flowers to show love and affection. It was even believed that rarer the flower you chose as a gift, deeper was your love. In parts of Europe, orchids were used as a key ingredient in love potions.

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