The Hunger Artist analysis

The Hunger Artist by Franz Kafka We discussed the hunger artist in class today. All of Kafka’s work has a religious undertone. The hunger artist in the story is very christlike in his refusal to give in to natural physical needs, denying his hunger and connections with the outside world. The art is how the

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Notes from the Underground

I found the character in Notes from the Underground to be the most miserable human being ever imagined. He finds pleasure in passing his suffering on to other human beings. His distorted views on humanity are brewed through the seclusion that he chose to endure. It is funny that he chooses suffering. At the beginning

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Color Psychology in Film

May 26, 2011
in Film

Psychology of color in Rebel without a Cause Nicholas Ray’s rendition of Rebel without a Cause is a meld of Western culture and color psychology beyond its time of technological restrictions in the 1950s. He creates this within a visual urban world that is easily recognized as a adolescent clash of intentions, contradictory stringent societal

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