Whatever the Day Gives You

July 11, 2017

I decided to paint my favorite fictional character yesterday using watercolors, Sherlock Holmes. As a kid I loved to read detective fiction. On several occasions my grandmother and I house sat for my aunt in Huntington Beach when I was 8 years old. During the evening hours I would select a Nancy Drew novel, plop

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Koi Pond Watercolor

June 22, 2017

This koi pond watercolor painting was inspired by a walk through the Newport Beach Fashion Island mall. They have a beautiful koi pond there and often my mom likes to stop and admire the brightly colored fish. I also enjoy observing the light and movement in water. There is an artist who is very talented

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Wine Bottle Label Design in Watercolor

June 7, 2017

Most of my art is inspired by literature. I named this piece Celestina after the Latin American novel I read in a graduate level seminar while studying for my Master in English. It was the first European novel and appeared in 1499. It addressed themes of femininity and courtly love during the period. We looked

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