Popular Culture Conference, Albuquerque NM

Southwest PCA/ACA Conference Wrap-Up

“That’s the nice thing about collaborating with someone: Your work becomes a conversation.”
~ Noah Baumbach

The Southwest PCA/ACA Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico resulted in just that–a collaboration of brilliant academic minds on popular culture criticism. There were some great Eco-Crit panels at this conference! 

The program can be downloaded Here: PCA Program 2014

I presented a paper on “Jungian theory and A Game of Thrones.” I focused on the merging of the semiotic cube and the philosopher’s stone for the purpose of deconstructing binaries used to describe fantasy characters. (good and evil, light and dark, etc.) I used the semiotic cube to show how writer’s place character’s in transcendent spaces that lack definition. The diagram shows how the progress of the individual toward Jungian individuation can be tracked, and then the reader can place a visual to how close characters are to experiencing the unconscious–concepts that are rather large and unfriendly because of their abstract language.

For this paper, I used the example of Bran, who nearly dies and this experience leads him and the reader to dreams of the third eye. He gains the ability to access his collective conscious and the minds of other characters. Pretty awesome….right? Check out my paper below!

Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 11.21.47 AM

Check out my paper: I’ll upload it soon!