Succulent Watercolor Timelapse

I have been out of town a lot lately snowboarding and being with family. This winter season has been very busy which means I haven’t had time to paint or prep paintings to work on. I made this short time-lapse video of painting succulents in my garden last week.

I also purchased a new camera, a tiny square outdoors camera for HD footage and I will be purchasing a microphone soon to upgrade the quality of the videos on my channel. I am really enjoying creating content to share with the world and fellow artists. I’ll be sharing some of the things that have been inspiring me this week. Here are the finished pieces.

Returning to the subject of the week…Sometimes finding new subject matter to paint can be difficult unless you keep a journal or a log of ideas for creative work. I really enjoyed Lena Denya’s recent Youtube video and her mention of what works for her. She writes down ideas for paintings and then she works out how to execute them in a sketchbook before attempting to paint them. I also have been watching Minnie Small’s videos where she shares her sketchbooks and tips for getting better at art.

Along that vein, I want to do a series of cloud paintings in my new sketchbook with acrylic paints. These are just a few of the photos I took over the last weekend. They are nothing special or fantastic, but I think they could produce some fine studies.

 It’s good to take a camera with you, or even just use your iPhone, and take some of your own subject photos. It inspired me to come home and paint clouds. I’ll be sharing some of my work later this week. I thought I would do some smaller canvas sizes, (3×5) postcard size pieces.