Whatever the Day Gives You

I decided to paint my favorite fictional character yesterday using watercolors, Sherlock Holmes. As a kid I loved to read detective fiction. On several occasions my grandmother and I house sat for my aunt in Huntington Beach when I was 8 years old. During the evening hours I would select a Nancy Drew novel, plop myself down on the rocking chair next to my grandmother, and read to her. We went through over 10 novels. I grew to love the mysteries and wondering who killed who or where the mastery object had been placed.

A few years later I discovered Sherlock Holmes. There have been many different versions of the series on television and the most recent one stars Benedict Cumberbatch.  Personally I love the films with Robert Downey Jr. I believe he really encompasses the mania of the character in the novels. The one who darts out windows and disappears for half of the novel while we hear Watson interview various other characters.

Aim fter high school and for a period of time I put down Sherlock and entered the busy world of adulthood, the land of meal prep, long hours at a desk, and after work college classes. I returned to novels for graduate school when I researched for my MA degree.  It really gave me time to discover what it was I loved about literature and more specifically detective fiction. I love the romance of it all. The madness of a genius mind, puzzles, romantic love stories, and all that comes with Victorian intrigue.

So now I will share with you the series of paintings I created for the Sherlock series, our most beloved, most adored characters. They were all created on watercolor paper 140 lb. hot press. There are 5 in this collection. If you’d like to inquire about purchasing this set please email me at amotrenec@gmail.com.