Whimsical Series

November 17, 2016

After returning home from the Ernich painting class (which I write about here), I became inspired to create a small whimsical series of oil paintings. Driving along Pacific Coast Highway on Sunday afternoon, I passed the new commercial section of Huntington Beach called Pacific City. Red and yellow kites floated weightlessly against a beautiful azure blue sky. Reminded of Dandelion Wine and The October Country, I imagined the literary colors splashed and the kite floating across the crosshatching of a stretched canvas, embodying the freedom I felt. Often children are moved in sentimental moments to return to the places they grew up; however, I have never been, but in that moment the Bradbury-ian sentimentalism overcame me.

Kite at SunsetI lingered somewhere between my surreal fantasy and the realism of the moment, between the puffs of cloud and soft line of the ocean. It felt fantastic.

I’ve always been truly fascinated by the fantastic in literature. I took a graduate seminar by Dr. David Sandner, on the fantastic at Cal State Fullerton, and since then I seek out its themes in other novels. I aimed with this painting to capture that moment between the realistic and the surreal, ethereal kite flying at sunset.

You can view more of this series on my instagram.