Wine Bottle Label Design in Watercolor

June 7, 2017

Most of my art is inspired by literature. I named this piece Celestina after the Latin American novel I read in a graduate level seminar while studying for my Master in English. It was the first European novel and appeared in 1499. It addressed themes of femininity and courtly love during the period. We looked at images of women in literature over the course of this seminar, specifically from Latin American cultures.

Love is a hidden fire, a pleasant wound, a delicious poison, a sweet bitterness, a delectable hurting, a happy torment, a sweet, fierce wound, a gentle death.

Traditional Watercolor Process

I have been wanting to design a wine bottle label for a long time and felt inspired remembering the theme from the novel. The vine is a great symbol for beauty and ecstasy in love and life. There have been many allusions to taking fruit from the vine in reference to virginity and I wanted to symbolize the cycle of life and how abstract our experiences can be as we go through life, yet still euphoric.

I decided to use cold press paper and whip out my professional watercolors. The concept for the label is based around a vintage chic Italian landscape theme. I created a time lapse video of my process for creating this piece.

Digital Process

After painting it I scanned it in using my Canon scanner and brought the photo into illustrator to make some color adjustments. Using a standard bottle mockup psd file I purchased from Creative Market of a wine bottle I added the label to a bottle, cropped it, and then added a shadow. It turned out like the image below.

It’s a great example of what someone can do with both traditional media and then using digital resources to clean up the work. I really enjoyed creating this piece. You can watch me create it in the video below. If you haven’t subscribed to my channel then please do!